Fossil Record 24(1): 135-139, doi: 10.5194/fr-24-135-2021
First record of the subfamily Sagrinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from the Eocene of North America
expand article infoAndrei A Legalov
Open Access

A new genus, Palaeatalasis gen. nov. (type species P. monrosi sp. nov.), from the tribe Megamerini(Chrysomelidae: Sagrinae) from the early-middle Eocene Green River Formationis described and illustrated. The new genus is similar to the RecentAtalasis Lacordaire, 1845 but differs from it in the subparallel sides of thepronotum, metafemora without teeth, and non-emarginate eyes. It differs fromthe Eocene Eosagra Haupt, 1950 in the large, convex, non-emarginate eyes, wideelytra, and transverse pronotum. The new genus is distinguished from the Paleocene Gallopsis Legalov, Kirejtshuk et Nel, 2019 in the wide forehead and convexeyes. It is the first record of the Sagrinae from North America and thefourth known species of the family Chrysomelidae from the Green River.