Fossil Record 21(1): 79-91, doi: 10.5194/fr-21-79-2018
Postcrania of large dissorophid temnospondyls from Richards Spur, Oklahoma
expand article infoBryan M. Gee, Robert R. Reisz
‡ Department of Biology, University of Toronto Mississauga, 3359 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 1C6, Canada
Open Access

The early Permian karst system near Richards Spur, Oklahoma preserves a diverseassemblage of terrestrial dissorophoid temnospondyls. Here we report thepresence of a large-bodied dissorophine dissorophid that is represented by anarticulated anterior trunk region, including a partial pectoral girdle, aribcage characterized by extremely developed uncinate processes, and a rare,completely articulated pes. This represents the first documentation of theclade at the locality. Previously, dissorophids were represented only by theeucacopine Cacops. A complete pelvic girdle with hindlimbs is also referred to Cacopsand represents the first material of the posterior trunk region to bedescribed from the genus at Richards Spur. These specimens expand thetaxonomic diversity known from the site and provide significant,well-preserved postcranial material that improves the characterization ofdissorophid postcranial anatomy.