Fossil Record 13(2): 317-341, doi: 10.1002/mmng.201000005
The first record of Late Jurassic crossognathiform fishes from Europe and their phylogenetic importance for teleostean phylogeny
expand article infoG. Arratia, H. Tischlinger§
‡ Biodiversity Institute, Natural History Museum, The University of Kansas, Dyche Hall, Lawrence, Kansas 66045–7561, United States of America§ Tannenweg 16, 85134 Stammham, Germany
Open Access
The Late Jurassic Bavarichthys incognitus, n. gen. n. sp. from Ettling, Bavaria, is described. The new species represents the oldest record of a crossognathiform in Europe and together with Chongichthys from the Oxfordian of South America stands at the basal levels of a clade including crossognathids and pachyrhizodontoids. In addition, the new fish represents the first record of a crossognathiform in the Solnhofen Limestones. The new genus is characterized by numerous features such as the presence of infraorbitals 1–3 independent and 4 + 5 fused; two supramaxillary bones present; supramaxilla 2 considerably shorter than supramaxilla 1 and lacking an antero-dorsal process; well-developed series of epineural, epicentral and epipleural intermuscular bones; parhypural and hypurals 1 and 2 partially fused to each other; a series of epaxial basal fulcra; and a few, elongate fringing fulcra associated with the dorsal leading margin of caudal fin.