Fossil Record 13(1): 153-202, doi: 10.1002/mmng.200900011
The ammonoids from the Dalle à Merocanites of Timimoun (Late Tournaisian–Early Viséan; Gourara, Algeria)
expand article infoV. Ebbighausen, D. Korn§, J. Bockwinkel|
‡ deceased on 3rd June 2011§ Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution, Université Montpellier II, 34095 Montpellier, France| Dechant-Fein-Str. 22, 51375 Leverkusen, Germany
Open Access
The ammonoids from the Early Carboniferous (Mississippian) Dalle à Merocanites of Timimoun (Gourara, Algeria) are described. The following new ammonoid taxa are introduced: subfamily Hammatocyclinae n. subfam., Hammatocyclus pollex n. sp., Hammatocyclus corrugatus n. sp., Neopericyclus arenosus n. sp., Ammonellipsites pareyni n. sp., Ammonellipsites menchikoffi n. sp., Ammonellipsites conradae n. sp., Muensteroceras fabrei n. sp., Eurites commutatus n. sp., Eurites pondus n. sp., subfamily Trimorphoceratinae n. subfam., Trimorphoceras n. gen., Trimorphoceras crassilens n. sp., Trimorphoceras absolutum n. sp., Trimorphoceras molestum n. sp., Obturgites n. gen., Obturgites polysarcus n. sp., Obturgites oligosarcus n. sp., Dzhaprakoceras dzhazairense n. sp., and Merocanites merocanites n. sp. These species occur in one very prolific horizon and can be attributed to the North African Ammonellipsites-Merocanites Assemblage (Fascipericyclus -Ammonellipsites Genus Zone; Late Tournaisian to Early Viséan). They represent one of the most diverse ammonoid faunas known from this time interval.