Fossil Record 11(2): 83-156, doi: 10.1002/mmng.200800004
The Early Carboniferous (Mississippian) ammonoids from the Chebket el Hamra (Jerada Basin, Morocco)
expand article infoD. Korn, V. Ebbighausen§
‡ Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution, Université Montpellier II, 34095 Montpellier, France§ deceased on 3rd June 2011
Open Access
Five Late Viséan ammonoid assemblages of North Variscan provenance are described from the locality Chebket el Hamra (Jerada Basin, north-eastern Morocco). These assemblages are composed of 27 species of the genera Eoglyphioceras, Girtyoceras, Sulcogirtyoceras, Metadimorphoceras, Goniatites, Arnsbergites, Hibernicoceras, Paraglyphioceras, Lusitanoceras, Sudeticeras, Neoglyphioceras, Lusitanites, Ferganoceras, Praedaraelites, and Pronorites. The new subfamily Arnsbergitinae is described, as well as the thirteen new species Eoglyphioceras minutum n. sp., Girtyoceras ibnkhaldouni n. sp., Metadimorphoceras anguinosum n. sp., Arnsbergites ferrus n. sp., Arnsbergites proiecturus n. sp., Arnsbergites rufus n. sp., Hibernicoceras touissitense n. sp., Hibernicoceras artilobatum n. sp., Paraglyphioceras celeris n. sp., Lusitanoceras zirari n. sp., Sudeticeras ibnbajjahi n. sp., Sudeticeras horoni n. sp., and Pronorites owodenkoi n. sp.