NHMUK PV OR 48262/48265, Tongemys enigmatica, holotype, Early Cretaceous (Barremian) of England: A. Photograph in dorsal view; B. Interpretive line drawing in dorsal view; C. 3D model of plastron in dorsal view; D. 3D model of plastron in ventral view. Abbreviations: co, costal; ent, entoplastron; epi, epiplastron; hyo, hyoplastron; hyp, hypoplastron; Ma, marginal scute; mes, mesoplastron; per, peripheral; Pl, pleural scute; Ve, vertebral scute; xi, xiphiplastron.

  Part of: Joyce WG, Bourque JR, Fernandez V, Rollot Y (2022) An alternative interpretation of small-bodied turtles from the “Middle Purbeck” of England as a new species of compsemydid turtle. Fossil Record 25(2): 263-274. https://doi.org/10.3897/fr.25.85334