Albanerpeton inexpectatum from the Echzell locality. Frontal (A, B. HLMD-Ez 2004). Premaxillae (C–E. HLMD-Ez 2161; F–I. HLMD-Ez 2005). Maxillae (J–L. HLMD-Ez 2009; M–O. HLMD-Ez 2010; P, Q. HLMD-Ez 2012). The bones are figured in (A, K) dorsal, (B) ventral, (C, F, L, N, Q, T, W, Y) labial, (D, E, H, J, M, O, P, R, V, AA) lingual, (I) ventroposterior, (S, X) medial, (G, U, Z) posterior views. Where not indicated, the scale bar equals 5 mm.

  Part of: Vasilyan D, Čerňanský A, Szyndlar Z, Mörs T (2022) Amphibian and reptilian fauna from the early Miocene of Echzell, Germany. Fossil Record 25(1): 99-145.