Photos and drawing of a nearly complete left mandible of Goniopholididae indet. from Khok Pha Suam (SM2021-1-112) in dorsal (a, b), lateral (c, d) and lingual (e, f) views. Abbreviation: dt, dentary tooth; spl, splenial; sr, symphyseal region.

  Part of: Manitkoon S, Deesri U, Lauprasert K, Warapeang P, Nonsrirach T, Nilpanapan A, Wongko K, Chanthasit P (2022) Fossil assemblage from the Khok Pha Suam locality of northeastern, Thailand: an overview of vertebrate diversity from the Early Cretaceous Khok Kruat Formation (Aptian-Albian). Fossil Record 25(1): 83-98.