Locality map and Lithostratigraphic section of Khok Pha Suam locality. a. Map of Thailand, showing the location of the Khorat Plateau; b. Distribution of the Khok Kruat Formation in northeastern Thailand (green color; modified from DMR, 2004), location of Khok Pha Suam locality (red star); c. Stratigraphic column of Khok Pha Suam, d, a photograph of the excavation site; e. Logo of The Pha Chan-Sam Phan Bok Geopark.

  Part of: Manitkoon S, Deesri U, Lauprasert K, Warapeang P, Nonsrirach T, Nilpanapan A, Wongko K, Chanthasit P (2022) Fossil assemblage from the Khok Pha Suam locality of northeastern, Thailand: an overview of vertebrate diversity from the Early Cretaceous Khok Kruat Formation (Aptian-Albian). Fossil Record 25(1): 83-98. https://doi.org/10.3897/fr.25.83081