Morphological comparison of two Eocene Raractocetus species. †Raractocetus sverlilo sp. nov., female, holotype, SIZK L-814 (A, C, D) and †R. balticus in Eocene Baltic amber, female, holotype, FMNHINS-3965991 (B). A. Head, pronotum and mesoscutellum, dorsolateral view; B. Head, pronotum and mesoscutellum, dorsal view; C. Head and pronotum, frontal view; D. Elytron, dorsolateral view. Scale bars: 0.5 mm (A–D). Abbreviations: eoe, shallow median emargination along outer elytral margin; ipf, interrupted longitudinal furrow on pronotum.

  Part of: Yamamoto S, Nazarenko VYu, Vasilenko DV, Perkovsky EE (2022) First fossil species of ship-timber beetles (Coleoptera, Lymexylidae) from Eocene Rovno amber (Ukraine). Fossil Record 25(1): 65-74.