Mantispa? damzenogedanica sp. nov., holotype MG/B/1172. A. Photograph of the head and anterior pronotum in lateral view; B. Same, tagged and colour-marked; C. Head in ventral view, volume rendering based on SRµCT, showing visible mouthparts; D. Detail of the anterior pronotum in lateral view; note the stout setae (arrows). Abbreviations: an = antenna; ey = eyes; lb = labrum; md = mandible; mp = maxillary palp; mx = maxilla, proximal part; pt = prothorax.

  Part of: Baranov V, Pérez-de la Fuente R, Engel MS, Hammel JU, Kiesmüller C, Hörnig MK, Pazinato PG, Stahlecker C, Haug C, Haug JT (2022) The first adult mantis lacewing from Baltic amber, with an evaluation of the post-Cretaceous loss of morphological diversity of raptorial appendages in Mantispidae. Fossil Record 25(1): 11-24.