Stratigraphic ranges of the planktic foraminiferal species across the KPB in the El Kef section. Certain range = known stratigraphic range according to Arenillas et al. (2000b); minimized S-L effect = stratigraphic range after minimizing the Signor–Lipps effect and comparing with the stratigraphic ranges from other sections; uncertain range = doubtful stratigraphic ranges according to Arenillas and Arz (2017) and Arenillas et al. (2008); probably reworked = stratigraphic range based on probably reworked specimens (identified in the representative aliquot). M: Biozonation for the upper Maastrichtian; D: Biozonation for the lower Danian. Ar. – Archaeoglobigerina; Ab. – Abathomphalus; Psg. – Pseudoguembelina; Pt. – Plummerita; H. – Heterohelix; Ptx. – Pseudotextularia; Gu. – Gublerina; Pl. – Planoglobulina; Rac. – Racemiguembelina; Glb. – Globigerinelloides; Gella. – Globotruncanella; R. – Rugoglobigerina; S. – Schackoina; Gna. – Globotruncana; Gita. – Globotruncanita; C. – Contusotruncana; L. – Laeviheterohelix; M. – Muricohedbergella; Gb. – Guembelitria; Chg. – Chiloguembelitria; Pc. – Pseudocaucasina; Pg. – Palaeoglobigerina; Pv. – Parvularuoglobigerina; W. – Woodringina; T. – Trochoguembelitria; E. – Eoglobigerina; G. – Globanomalina; P. – Parasubbotina; Gc. – Globoconusa; Pr. – Praemurica; S. – Subbotina.

  Part of: Arenillas I, Arz JA, Metsana-Oussaid F, Gilabert V, Belhai D (2022) Hypothesis testing on the planktic foraminiferal survival model after the KPB mass extinction: evidence from Tunisia and Algeria. Fossil Record 25(1): 43-63.