SEM photographs of the Maastrichtian species usually considered to be putative survivors of the KPB extinction. Specimen comparison from upper Maastrichtian and lower Danian samples at Sidi Ziane. Samples SZ numbered in cm from the KPB. Specimens in Maastrichtian samples: 1. Guembelitria cretacea (SZ-40); 2. Guembelitria blowi (SZ-40); 3. Muricohedbergella holmdelensis (SZ-40); 4. Muricohedbergella monmouthensis (SZ-850); 5. Heterohelix globulosa (SZ-40); 6. Heterohelix labellosa (SZ-40); 7. Heterohelix planata (SZ-40); 8. Heterohelix navarroensis (SZ-40); 9. Globigerinelloides yaucoensis (SZ-820); 10. Laeviheterohelix pulchra (SZ-40); 11. Laeviheterohelix glabrans (SZ-40); 12. Globigerinelloides prairiehillensis (SZ-40); 13. Globigerinelloides volutus (SZ-40); 14. Pseudoguembelina kempensis (SZ-40); 15. Pseudoguembelina costulata (SZ-40); 16. Rugoglobigerina rugosa (SZ-80). Specimens in Danian samples (from Globanomalina compressa Subzone, or Subbiozone P1c): 17. Guembelitria cretacea (SZ+1); 18. Muricohedbergella holmdelensis (SZ+1); 19. Muricohedbergella monmouthensis (SZ+1); 20. Globigerinelloides yaucoensis (SZ+1); 21. Heterohelix globulosa (SZ+1); 22. Heterohelix labellosa (SZ+1); 23. Heterohelix navarroensis (SZ+1); 24. Globigerinelloides volutus (SZ+1); 25. Pseudoguembelina costulata (SZ+1); 26. Laeviheterohelix glabrans (SZ+1); 27. Pseudoguembelina kempensis (SZ+1); 28. Globigerinelloides prairiehillensis (SZ+1). Scale bars: 100 μm.

  Part of: Arenillas I, Arz JA, Metsana-Oussaid F, Gilabert V, Belhai D (2022) Hypothesis testing on the planktic foraminiferal survival model after the KPB mass extinction: evidence from Tunisia and Algeria. Fossil Record 25(1): 43-63.