Morphology of the neomorph of Coeruleodraco jurassicus (PKUP V2003): a. The neomorph in the medial wall of the left supratemporal fenestra in dorsal view, with the pterygoquadrate foramen between the neomorph and quadrate; b. The left neomorph in dorsal view; c. Line drawing of the left neomorph in dorsal view; d. The left neomorph and surrounding bones in ventral view; e. The left neomorph in ventral view; f. Line drawing of the left neomorph in ventral view. Abbreviations: fa. p, articulation facet with the parietal; fa. q, articulation facet with the quadrate; fa. sq, articulation facet with the squamosal; lat. pro, lateral process of the neomorph; med. pro, medial process of the neomorph; neo, neomorph; p, parietal; pqf, pterygoquadrate foramen; pt, pterygoid; q, quadrate; sq, squamosal; ven. pro, ventral process of the neomorph. Scale bars: 5 mm.

  Part of: Qin W, Yi H, Gao K (2022) A neomorphic ossification connecting the braincase, squamosal, and quadrate in choristoderan reptiles: insights from µCT data. Fossil Record 25(1): 1-10.